e90 new grey dials

Instrument cluster upgrades


BMW 335is speedo conversions

  e90 red

BMW E90 E92 custom dials

3 series

BMW E60 5 series

E70 X5

Grey Look custom spedometer dials suitable for BMW 3 seriesE90 E92  ,  E60 5 series, E70 X5, (6 series special order) Cars 2007 -2012

Get the sport look , available for petrol and diesel engines

Mail order dial kit for self fitting will be available  Worldwide shipping Self fit possible - instructions will be supplied


BMW 5 series E60 2004-2009 approx

BMW X5 E70 2007 -2011approx

BMW 3 series E90 E92 2006-2012 approx

Petrol and Diesel Engines


E90 coupe

335is grey dial


custom e90 e60 dial kit

















If you  need BMW E90 dials , E70 dials , E92 Dials, E60 dials talk to us first.


Suits BMW cars listed : -

1 series 3 series  5 series    6 series   X5

Suitable for speedo converions also.KMH to MPH KPH to MPH




speedofixer kmh conversion dial e70 mph