Speedofixer dial conversion services - KMH to MPH


Important notes on taking photos:

  1. Capture Day photo - capture warning light/icons (eg hand brake sign)showing - ensure ignition is on but engine not started 
  2. Handbook - if available showing instrument
  3. Photograph both sides speed and rev counter
  4. See photos below using camera  flash to capture shapes ( some shapes are not easy to see)
  5. Remeber to send the car model and year and fuel type 



Try to capture as many signs that illuminate  when u turn on the ignition , this is not always easy as some only show for a few seconds so you may have to take several photos or send us a short video. Sometimes it helps to use a flash as this can make more shapes visible


We need to be able to clearly see any lights eg seat belt, hand brake,

full beam etc


Email this to us mail us

or send pics via Whatsapp to :   +447960286476


Remember to add your name , phone no. , car make model year and a VIN no.

We will come back to you with price and availability


Please read terms and conditions regarding quotations that we send you here


Some examples from a VW golf below(models vary) be aware that in the photo not all the shapes have been captured and can be difficult to see even inthe day time.























The handbook may show all the items and hidden shapes























Photo below shows a VW dial


















Below: using camera flash on VW Golf to caoture hidden icons that are

not easily visible


import kmh tp mph