BMW E39 E38 E53 needle removal tool

Works for BMW 5 series E39, 7 Series E38 , X5 E53

Uses:speedometer  pixel repair, needle replacement, motor replacement,pcb repairs , led conversions,  removes one of the needles eco gauge or oil temp on M5.


BMW 5 series E39, X5 E53, 7 E38 series

There are a few variations of the tool to remove the economy needle/ oil temp needle


The tools sits over the eco gauge needle after you have popped the black cap off . you then turn the handle and the needle will become free.

Note: you will need a different tool to remove the other needles.

Please enquire for latest Pricing and avaiability - international shipping available

new for Sept 2020 version 7 with all metal shaft , head and stronger pin approx £25 plus shipping 

Versions 2 and 3 are the professional versions - not in stock.