Why do we use plasma glow sheets ?

Plasma glow sheets enables us to

  1. distribute even light behind the dial
  2. allows our needle to glow one color whilst the dial glows another.
  3. on older cars it allows the dial to be backlit like modern cars
  4. be more creative on dial design where the light diffuser would not normally allow it
  5. more vivid colrs can be generated than by using standard bulbs


Speedo casing modifications is sometimes required to allow the power cables to run thro to the

outside  of the speedo as it needs a 12v power source that supplies the inverter box that then feeds

the individual backing plates.


Basic soldering skills also needed to connect to an internal 12v power source within the speedo

and also some speedo casing modification to allow cables to run thro.


406 Peugeout Yellow plasma dial video  video here


Mercedes W210 / CLK w208video white light black dial video


Mercedes W124 C124 coupe etc  or any other older car where the dial gauges are front illuminated.