406 coupé peugeot custom plasma dial kits

RED indiglo plasma glow dial kit 2002 car 406 custom dials face kit fors Peugeot 406 coupe D9


406 peugout coupe instrument dial kit upgrade

Yellow glow rev counter PLASMA

Peugout 406 speedo instrument dial kit

406 modified

406 coupe custom kit Peugeot 406 D9

406 interior styling coupe




interior photo 406 coupe


Peugeot 406 coupe V6

spedo dial faces plasma lighting


Tech Specs dial fitting photos and cluster internals


speedofixer on youtube 406 dial kits







Videoon youtube V6 coupe yellow night illumination PLASMA

VideoDay shot V6 coupe yellow dial


Taking a speedo apart




Peugeot 406 Coupe Indiglo Plasma Custom Dial Kits

D9 chassis cars from late 1999 to 2004

 Ready for sale now with plasma indiglo backlighting

Two part product: - 

1. Dial - can be purchased seperately 

2. Backlighting plasma discs & power inverter

3. Dial + plasma back lighting kit (1+2)


Best result when bought together with plasma lighting kit to avoid

shadows caused by original lighting when rev counter illuminates.

406 coupe instrument custom











Clickable links below:-

1. Photo: Gallery Red dial MPH UK

2. Photo KMH design Red and Yellow

3. Photo:  Gallery Yellow  here (V6      coupe VDO 2000)

4. Videoon youtube V6 coupe yellow night illumination PLASMA

5. Video: Day shot V6 coupe yellow dial


Available for D9 petrol manual cars from year 2000 -other types please contact us for further info 

If you like the videos please rate it  on youtube - thanks


There are several makes of speedo instrument in the cars :-



Peugeot 406 plasma dial kit
















The VDO 2000 to 2001(bulbs)  cluster differs from 2002 to 2004(led) as it has bulbs in it. Dial can work in both.


The later 2001/2 on speedo  uses LED  to illuminate the dials. We recommend the plasma lighting kit add on to get the best results when using the dial for this combination.


Our dials have been designed for manual gearbox only and we have only printed them for petrol engines speedos showing 7k rev counter-

although we have fitted to diesel cars too,


if you use the petrol dial on a diesel car it will work but the rev counter will go to 7k instead of 6k.We have fitted this for some customers who were ok with this.


It is possible to use original bulbs on the VDO (cluster with rear

twist in bulbs ) version VDO  2000 and not use plasma cicuitry but the

lighting effect is not as good- see gallery no.2 - using

bulbs and cluster specifics below:- 


The youtube video is the same dial using

plasma lighting and shows more vibrant

colors hence we recommend plasma options.


The plasma option will need some modification to the speedo cluster housing as detailed in our pics. Essential some holes cut to run the cables through and some soldering to some points for the power supply.


Cluster specifics: 

1. VDO 1999/2000 early cluster type that

uses bulbs see more info here 

2. VDO 2001/2004 type LEDS - can only

use plasma electronics more here 


If your model is a late VDO  with LED then you

must use plasma pack dial kit +plasma



Peugeot 406 406 coupe D9 Dial Kit  Designs and Formats

speedofixer 406 coupe dials yellow copyright




Below: Fitted to our car being tested.

this photo with indiglo plasma indiglow lighting


speedofixer 406 coupe red mod dial face

Above : Night time view in our car  using plasma option


Below: Yellow dial from 2000 car using standard light bulbs



Above: Illuminated with yellow bulbs


Above:  Dial lighting test at our workshop

 Product specs and compatability:-

  • will suit 5 gauge high spec speedo cluster 
  • Petrol engines only 
  • UK spec MPH dual speed 
  • Euro Spec  KMH -  dual speed with mph on inner side
  • Manual gearbox only - no P R N D display 
  • OEM quality materials & production 
  • Two colors red or yellow
  • Fits VDO gauges year late 1999 onwards
  • D9 chassis
  • Will not fit Sagem clocks

 May suit other non-coupe models with High spec speedo with oil temp gauge.


406oc.co.uk • Peugeout 406 Coupe owners club can be found here

406 speedofixer
 Our car above