BMW M5 E39 & Other model E39 speedo pixel repair service

  • We have completed many repairs for this model of the E39 BMW .
  • Same day service while u wait - LCD speedo pixel repairs
  • If you have tried to do this reapir yourself and broken the motor gauges or LCD we can still fix it as we have all these parts in stock  glass outer casings, needles, LCD , motors , screws etc. Just bring it to us, call first for an estimate as it will be more expensive than a standard repair.

BMW LCD Speedo Pixel Repair Works for E39 E38 E53 X5 series 

Speedo Pixel Repairs for 5 series e39 M5 , 7 series X5 E38 E39 E53

BMW 3 series E36 pixel repairs / LCD/ gauge issue / cluster swaps

North London based  workshop near M25 junction 25 Enfield A10


The Convenient Same Day ,Drive-In Service

Weekend appointments Sat/Sun possible


  • Drive in Wait service approx 2 hours
  • Weekend Appointments , upgrade package deals available
  • Debit and credit cards accepted
  • Local Retail Park nearby to help kill time
  • Repair & Upgrade Together - For a Fresh Look ...see images below for silver dial rings , custom dials, red needles  and white LED conversions

Photo below: repair complete

BMW 5 series e39 pixel repair service london speedofixer






















  • BMW 7 series E38 1996 to 2002 speedo pixel repairs photos here
  • BMW 5 series incl M5 E39 1997 to 2003 speedo pixel repairs
  • BMW X5 E53 2001 to 2005  speedo pixel repairs


  • Tired of looking at your cars speedo cluster with missing and half dead pixel displays?
  • Don't want to pay main dealer prices for a new cluster & fitting ?
  • We can fix this &  You will be in good hands with us.
  • Save time and money  by coming direct to us. 
  • Discounts for dials when purchased  & fitted with pixel repairs
  • Upgrade packages available - dials -silver rings - white LEDs -enquire

If you have tried a DIY fix and broken all the motors or the glass screen we can still help you

we keep all these parts in stock so can replace for you at a reasonable cost. Motor gauges are replaced at £25 each and we keep these in stock, we also keep replacement bulbs which are charged at £4 each.


BMW 5 series E39 1997 to 2003 speedo cluster pixel repairs
























e39 tourer estate


Why not get a new look at the same time , we have custom dials and LED

lighting packs to enhance the image of your cluster, facelift sport dial

upgrades and white LED lighitng to compliment. - see white LED conversion below.


ring upgrade and white led bmw e39 e53



Upgrades available & can be performed  at the same time as the  pixel repair service

  1. Silver and chrome gauge rings   as OEM  M5 and 4.8is look 
  2. Custom Dials in Grey , Black or Red MPH UK spec or KMH
  3. Speedo with upgraded White LED backlight conversions
  4. Orange and Red needle conversions
  5. Speedo LCD OBC backlight color change for messages and ODO 
  6. Carbon bezel with silver rings


bmw lcd display

 X5 2004 pixel repairs at speedofixer workshop Borehamwood - branch now closed


speedofixer bmw pixel repairs 




x5 e53 lcd speedo pixel repair london


BMW X5 speedo LCD pixel repairs at our workshop


bmw x5 lcd screen repair


7 series bmw pixel lcd repair 


BMW 7 series custom grey dial kit fitted


bmw 7 series custom  dial kit speedo cluster



bmw e39 tourer speedo pixel lcd repair



We are now offering this  repair service in the South East England London Enfield

but can also do a UK mail order service with fast turn around.



This will be for the BMW 5 series, 7 series 1996-2005 ,X5 from 2001- 2005 

The degree of pixel loss varies from total to tiny percentages.


Pixel faults may affect your ability to see your mileage reading or temperature

gauges dependent on the vehicle.  


This is a common problem on many BMW 5 E39 M5 pixel repair  , 7 E38  & X5 series.


Info on the service :- 


We offer a 36 month guarantee on the service either for the location you

have paid for, e.g. if you have paid for a call out then we will attend the

repair on site within the guarantee period. Mail order repairs must be returned

to us within the guarantee period for attention. NON of your cars setting details

nor mileage will be affected- we only work on screen display components and

not data settings. We can also fix motor gauge fault if you felt brave enough to

try and fix the pixel yourselves and it didnt work out for you. Motor gauges are

charged at £25 each.


BMW pixel repair service for E38 E39 E53 models and series affected 


bmw e38 7 series speedo repair pixels



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  • bmw e39 instrument cluster pixel repair
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 If you tried to fix it yourself and it all went wrong dont worry we can usually still fix your speedo. Replacements motor gauges are charged at £25 each when we do a pixel repair for you. 


We keep most parts in stock such as motors, needles, dials, LCD , housings, bulbs , outer casings.


Photo below BMW X5 4.4is sport Pixel repair - white LED and carbon Bezel fitted

e39 e53 speedo dial upgrade and pixel repairs



Carbon bezels

BMW speedo  pixel repair services

LCD pixel repair services OBC screen display & ribbon connector fault repaired

5 series E39 1996 to 2003

7 series E38 996 to 2003

X5 E53 2001 to 2006 

 White LED backlight conversions

We can change the backlighting from the orange to white - see photo below

 Photographed above BMW M5 E39 2000  after pixel repair - LED color changed from orange to white



Speedo silver rings and custom dials can be fitted to all models.

  • Get the M5 look if you have a standard black dial speedo version , add silver rings and colored needles.
  • White LED conversions , LEDs are replaced with white to give a more vibrant dial color- can be used with the standard OEM factory dial also.


BMW E38 E39 E53 Custom Speedo Dial Kits Upgrades


We have 3 different color dials suitable for these models.

We transform your standard speedo into this upgraded version  by adding :-

  • Dial Kit options in grey , black or red custom dial fascias mph or kmh 
  • Silver Rings similar to M5 style
  • White LEDs (optional) for dial backlighting
  • Colored needles (optional)
  • Carbon insert with the silver rings
  • Red needles

custom red dial kit e53 e39

dial upgrades 


kmh e39 dial kit





bmw e39 instrument lcd pixel repairs


bmw e39 tourer lcd repair



pixel repair service london  bmw


speedo silver bmw rings fitted


BMW X5 pixels and upgrades


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