About the product:Custom Merc Dial kits

Colors: white, cream and black 


Please read through all info before starting.


Item: Speedofixer Mercedes CLK W208 Dials

W210  E class White/Cream/Black Sport Dial Kit 

  • How to remove Mercedes CLK E W210 W208  speedo cluster
  • How to change the dials and remove needles
  • How to change needle color to red
  • How to fit a speedofixer custom dial face  

This info serves as a guide only, if you do not have the necessary tools or skills please do not attempt this yourself and seek professional help. Following this info is performed at your own risk.


The dials are sent out with the night illumination color already added so that it is not necessary to change the bulb colors.


Fitting guide with a job time of approx 20 mins 


March 2016 speedofixer fitting guide


Make a note of where your needles sit e.g. fuel level when ignition is on , write down or photograph.


Photo gallery here 

Photograped Below:

White dial kit, & optional needles colored and hubs in silver


Tools you will need :-

  • Mercedes Hook  pullers (picture below available from ebay or Mercedes dealer)
  • Small flat screw driver
  • Needle nose pliers(if u need to change any bulbs)
  • Haird dryer -optional 



Below: How speedometer looks to start with

 custom speedofixer uk dials




















Below : Speedofixer Black custom dial kit

clk w208 custom dial


Removing the Speedo unit from the car

Heat speedo in car or with hair dryer.......

Important in winter months :

run the car for at least half an hour with the heater on full blast so that the needles and instrument cluster is warm, this

will prevent damage to the  motors in the speedo cluster when removing needles as they can get quite tight when the plastic is cold. If you are doing the job outside.




Alternatively: If you can take the speedo indoors - when you have removed the speedo cluster you can use a hair dryer to gently warm the unit once you have the glass cover off it - this will soften the plastic and making pulling off  the needles easier). This will also make it easier to lift off the old dial face which has thermal glue attached to it. Once the cover is off you want to aim your hair dryer around the needles on the warm setting.   This makes twiting the needles off easier. You can also use the hair dryer to warm the old dials to help lift it off - as it is a thermal glue. 



The hook tools for speedo removal 

Remove instrument cluster ideally with the Mercedes hook tools (see pic below ,available at the Main dealers to purchase or eBay)  this is the easiest quickest method .They look like this :



Above:  OEM Hook tool to remove the speedo unit


Some people have also used bent coat hangers






Hook tool removal  locations : -






Hook the tools on the side of the cluster and gently pull towards you until loose. Then undo power connector plugs, there are two connectors. Push in the lock button on the connector then lift the locking arm. They should hook in a slot in at the reinforced sides.



speedofixer fitting info




Splitting open the  cluster

Once the unit is loose- 

see photo below with orange screw driver:


unclip the front portion with the glass cover ,this is done by lifting the  black plastic clips on the top side and bottom (see photo above) , this is best done using a small flat screw driver and just work your way around the unit slowly .






Cluster split - 

With the glass cover off it looks like this below:-

next stage>> removing the needles

heat them slightly if the weather is cold - use  hair dryer-

heat is always a good idea

grey CLK w208 Mercedes


Removing the needles :-


Once the cover is off you must remove the needles by gently

twisting them anti clockwise and lifting them up at the same time.


Best done using your fingers to grip the centre of the needle.

Do not do a full 360 rotation of the  needles.


Try to lift them with the smallest rotation possible.


Once all the needles are off -  SLOWLY  peel off the old speedo dials (see photos below ), the hair dryer can make this easier and leaves less of the old blue  glue on it if warmed first.clk dial fit

Once you lift the old dial you will see some old blue glue

Remove old  loose blue glue using your fingers or cloth/ alcotip swab(isopropyl alcohol)



We have included double sided tape  which has already been attached to the back , so simply peel off the yellow/3m pink/brown backing to reveal the sticky side


*****The double sided tape backing will be red/pink  , brown or marked with 3m dependent on the batch. These are thin strips approx 4mm wide *******


Align new dials suitably with the glass screens.


















Below: ready to refit needles

Refitting needles, cover and (colouring the needles optional) 























Needle colouring & spraying silver hubs (optional):

You can then refit the needles –or color needles with a red marker pen or paint them with red translucent paint (best) - more info here

Spraying centre hubs silver -optional








Needle re fitting:

When refitting the needles place them about 1cm above

the resting white line then twist them anti clock wise to the position where they should rest (fuel gauge must be twisted clock wise to reach white line as it faces other direction)


Once in the car the speedo needle(only) will pull itself

down by about 1mm so you may want to leave this a bit higher and see where the needles pulls itself and adjust as necessary. 



Glass Cover refitting: -

Make sure there is no dust or dirt on the dials if necessary

brush off any dust or dirt on the dials 


-it is a good idea to give the glass  a clean with LCD screen cleaner before refitting using a soft micro fibre cloth


Push the cover on so that it clicks back in position


The cluster is now closed





Corner plastic pieces :  see photos below


The corner pieces on the left and right (triangle looking shaded plastics) are fitted last once you have pushed the glass cover back on the cluster- (close the cluster housings) and are simply pushed in until they clip themselves in, you will see small holes that act as place markers that hold it in.




Push the corner pieces back in last - see below 

white instruement dial clk




Optional extras: bulbs changes and upgrades 

If you need to replace bulbs you will need x2 504 10mm glass wedge  T10  push in types bulbs size ( pull the bulb carefully out of the large  yellow holder to swap ). These bulbs can be bought loose without the holder as they can seperate from the holder by pulling with your hand.

T5  286 bulbs(green as standard osram ones) with bulb holders OSRAM or alternate , if we have supplied you with a bulb holder then the bulb is removal, the OEM green bulbs and holders cannot be seperated from each other. This means you can just a buy a loose bulb in the future. ( The green ones cannot seperate form the holder/bulb)


Contact us for further assistance and we will gladly help you when fitting our product.

Photo below shows where to fit the back lighting bulbs that illuminates the dials, use needle nose pliers to twist and pull out

back lights


Below: white dial fitted with red needles and silver hubs


 Above needles colored red and hubs sprayed silver


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