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BMW X1  Borehamwood workshop 

Mini at Borehamwood workshop

BMW X5 at speedofixer workshop



Speedofixer KMH to MPH dial conversion

North and West London Stanmore , Enfield 

Speedo Import Conversion Process:     

  1. Take good quality clear photographs of the speedo click here to see photo types we need   (showing the speed and rev counter with warning lights e.g. ignition and handbrake light)
  2. Send us the Car Make, model,Year, chassis/ VIN
  3. Send your name and contact telephone
  4. Email to
  5. We will email a written quote with pricing and availability
  6. Complete the booking form on our website 

See the photo below- typically we need to match all the shapes

that your speedo has to the dials we have in, there are different versions for the the same car , so its important for your photo to show as many icon shapes as possible.


import conversion

import car speedo icon




















FAQs Frequently asked questions


How long does the job take?

Most dials we can fit in under 1.5 hours and provide a whilst you wait service,some can take 2-3 hours.


Do you have the part in stock?

We keep a large range in stock especially for BMWs, most dials we can get 

in for next day delivery. Some models of car will need a dial specially made

for you.Costs and time vary for this, it can be upto 2 weeks wait for a custom dial to be made for you.


Are you able to come to my home or place of work?

Yes, we can . Please send us your postcode so that we can calculate a  callout charge to cover fuel, time , congestion charging and any parking charges - if off street parking is not available. Bringing the car to us is the cheapest option. We need enough space to be able to open the car doors fully (sports cars with large doors needs extra space). We have a mobile workshop so can bring our own lights and power if necessary.


Have you worked on a car like mine before?

We have been doing this work for over 10 years now and have worked on many different makes and models. The most popular cars we work on are BMW, VW, Ford, Audi, Skoda , Mercedes. You will see a large collection  of cars in our speedofixer photo gallery that we have worked on , these  vary considerably including Ferrari ,VW,  Porsche Mini Lamborghini, Range Rover. See our works gallery here . Most cars are similar to each other with small variations in removal and fitting techniques, so if we have not seen a particular car the same principles of fitting and removal apply.


Do you provide documentation of fitting? 

Speedofixer provide you with a receipt on completion
to satisfy DVLA VCA requirements that the speedo
has been converted to display MPH to UK requirements. This is satisfactory for registration purposes.It records the make model and chassis number and the specific works that we have performed that make the vehicle speedo compliant .We work with a government approved MOT testing station with the appropraite lights testing equipment.
What other paperwork do i need to send?  
You will also need in most cases a COC Certificate of Conformity
which you can purchase from the vehicle manufacturer and a valid
MOT certificate if the car is over 3 years old.
How much does it cost?
Prices  on average are about £200 with receipt fitting certificate.
Custom dials can cost from  £250 to make plus labour to fit, these are for less common  or new model cars  where a part is not currently available. Total jobs costs for some cars can be £400-£500 e.g. for custom made dials or original dials for some new BMWs that are 3dimensional . These typically  involve two appointments one to remove the part,  the second to refit the new part once its made.


Do i need an appointment?

We work by appointment only but also have Saturday weekend appointments available.


How do you take payment?

We take payment by cash (or debit/credit card from February 2016 excludes American Express) at all the service centres we work at. You will be given a full receipt for the work carried out. This is for all speedo conversion works. We take deposits via our website using paypal and you can pay using a credit or debit card for this.


Speedofixer is independently run from the Honeypot MOT and Autobot centre and seperate invoices are generated.The Speedofixer portion of the works is always payable in cash at the location we work at as we do not have any mobile card facilities. Some of the garages we work at can accept card payment for addditional works you request like lights testing, lights conversion and MOT.


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New BMW X3 at workshop