Booking Form KMH MPH and Speedo Repair 

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If you have been asked to send us a deposit please go to Part 1 

If you have not been requested to send a deposit go to Part 2 

Part 1 - Send a deposit

This is for non a refundable deposit when we order parts specially for your job. 

The consulatation fee covers our time to match any suitable parts for you and

any restocking fees, postage & supplier fees and any custom made parts.

This is a non-refundable amount in the event that you cancel the works.


The deposit will be subtracted from the total job cost so that you will only pay

the balance once the works is complete. 


Total cost of works =£300

Deposit taken £100

Balance to pay on completion of works £200

Please pay the amount requested from the list box below:

Amount of deposit against works total

kmh conversion bmw

Contact us on 07960 286 476

Part 2 - Job confirmation date and location

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