BMW speedo conversion KMH to MPH  

We can offer a range of speedo conversions for BMW cars that have bene imported into the UK. This is usually in the form of a dual speed dial conversion. These dials will show both mph and kmh and are suitable for VCA certification.


We can also arrange for your MOT booking and lights check or changing as required.


We carry out some of our works at the MOT station garage (not owned by us ), this enables you to have the speedo, lights testing and MOT performed at the same time. You can also have your car delivered here from the shipping  port to have all the works carried out (storage fees apply)


Please note: Speedofixer only performs the speedo modification part of the works. We work with various MOT garages to arrange the headlights conversion and MOT testing /lights testing these garages are run independently from speedofixer and will provide their own quotation for works. Seperate invoices will be made for the speedo and other works you may require.The service providers guarantee their own work. i.e. speedofixer will guarantee speedo modification works it performs. This will save you moving the car around from one garage to another.


Gallery of some of our works can be seen below: -