custom white dial kit e class clk w208 instrument cluster upgrade

white dial kits MPH and KMH 

Petrol and diesel

160 MPH 260 KMH

International shipping services

custom black w210 dial kits

Black dial kits,

UK/USA spec MPH 160MPH petrol only 


cream dial kits

Cream dial kits

UK max 160 MPH

Euro 260 KMH

Petrol and Diesel models




speedofixer gallery custom dials


Custom white dial CLK 2002



speedofixer clk white dial custom


White dial fitted to 2002 CLK

Speedofixer UK 

Mercedes W210 W208 custom dial kits

E class and CLK W208 -   MPH or KMH


Click on one of the links below to see photos : -


Suits cars

CLK W208    E class W210 & CLK W208

1999- 2003 models with large glass screen in the middle .

We dont have the earlier version pre 1999

Our top speed is 160MPH  or 260 KPH for KMH models 


Petrol and diesel engines


KMH or MPH style Rev counter marked as 1 ,2 , 3,4,5,6,7, not 10,20,30,40,50 etc (for UK cars you will need to see KMH in the large screen electronically, i.e. its not printed on the dial)


Font style: Italic /large oversized 


All kits are professionaly die cut for a perfect fit and easy install.


We currently have 3 colors  of dial kits available: -

Black dial  in ~MPH only 160 MPH, Petrol models

  1. White Dial MPH 160 MPH, Petrol and Diesel
  2. White Dial KMH 260 KMH petrol and Diesel
  3. Cream Dial MPH 160 MPH, Petrol and Diesel
  4. Cream Dial KMH 260 KMH petrol and Diesel

Plasma rear lighting kits also available to compliment any of our dials

to get brighter, clean xenon -white light or brighter blue lighting.


Click on a link below for photo gallery and videos: -


KMH euro spec available top speed 260 KMH white / cream

color petrol/ diesel click here to view kmh


Prices: -

Dials Black, white , cream dials

£GBP 39.99 each  includes UK postage

international postage extra usually £10 extra


Plasma glow back lighting sheets  and inverter & dial  £99 together

Suits models: W208 W210 petrol / diesel


Rear Lighting :


There are 5 lighting options: 


1 Twist in LEDs that fit into the existing bulb holders (we dont sell)

2 Plasma light kit. ( in stock ) more info on plasma lighting

3 Custom LED strip kit that fits inside the speedo casing.

4. Use stock  existing bulbs (clear type)

5. Upgraded bulbs T10 & T5


1. Standard LEDs that fit into the existing bulb holders are not always best option as you do not usually get even light distribution and the LEDs do not always last very long due to voltage fluctuations.However, these are easy to fit and swap over and depending on the brand or type you fit can have differing results.


LED lighting has come along way in the last few years with better 

performance using light diffusers and more reliable components.


2.Plasma lighting is very stable and requires a  small power inverter to running  off a 12v source. These plasma discs are cut out the same shape as the dials and sit behind them giving you a glow behind the dials. It allows you to have a white crisp light or darker brighter  blue depending on the disc color chosen.


3. LED lighting strips  - We are currently testing an LED strip lighting option that will power the dial and the needles. By using white LEDs for this you are still able to achieve a blue glowing dial by using filters which we can supply as part of the dial. This will be suitable for self fit with minimal tools and with a  plug n play power source via a special adaptor. No standrad bulbs are needed.


4 Existing bulbs can be used and we can add a  filter to the dial to give you a blue or red finish.


5. Upgraded bulbs slightly brighter than the originals


Using standard bulbs:

Cream and white dials - back lighting colors: Blue or Red


red night illumination mercedes clk custom dial kit speedofixer W208














night blue illumination clk bulbs















Black dials black lighting : White, blue or red.

This is the simplest and cheapest method of obtaining a color difference as no additional bulbs are required normally.


However, we do recommend changing the T10 504 bulb to the xenon ones we can supply as these offer higher lumens and a brighter light.


Other colors using LED or plasma

Black, white, cream dials

Using Plasma: Xenon white, light blue, red

Using LED: Xenon white , light blue , dark blue ,  bright red


Note:plasma sheets will need some cluster casing modification for the power cables, basic soldering as a 12v source is needed for the inverter we can send you pics of one we have wired up.


Plasma white glow can be seen here


click here for diy instructions for mail order dial sales


custom dial for mercedes w208 w210 white mph kmd dials instrument cluster speedo faces dial kits



custom dial mercedes w210 w208 CLK