Quotation Conditions & Repair Conditions


Import conversions quotation pricing

We will base prices on either a visual inspection of your vehicle speedometer -  by you bringing the car to us or from photographs that you send us.


In some cases a photograph may not provide complete accuracy for part matching and may then only provide a rough guide(approximate) price. This is because not all images/shapes can be seen from the photograph for various reasons - e.g color shading.


We may ask you to match your part against an image that we send you to assist in matching the part where your photo is not clear enough for accurate matching.


In some cases it is possible that after opening your speedo cluster that the parts will not match, mostly due to a design shape that is not visible with the cover on , this may mean that no part is currently available and the part we quoted you for may not work. In cases like this there are several possible choices


  1. Reorder another part if it exists and is readily available
  2. Have a part custom made for you 
  3. Cancel the job   

We will always give you the choice in how to proceed, we will also outline additonal costs and possible complications in the job where applicable.


Option 1 may involve additional costs subject to the difference in the alternate part price

Option 2 involves significant cost additions

Options 1& 2 we will requote you for the works



Repair terms are specified at the time of placing the order or otherwise follow our normal repair policies regading warranty and guarantee periods. Please refer to the warranty page for specific types of repair where applicable.