Range Rover Custom Speedo Dials 


Here is a selection of our market custom dials that suit Range Rover LR322 2002 to 2009.


There are 2 variations of the speedo dials


  •  2002 to 2005 year cars with the green dial as standard (BMW configuration) and
  •  2005 to 2009 cars with black and yellow dials as standard (Ford configuration)
  • The calibration varies a tiny bit so there are two types of dials available.

We have 2 dial designs the

  • Black and Yellow for cars from 2002 to 2005 to replace the green dial
  • 2010 Big font style cars 2002 to 2009 , in various colors 


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LR322 Custom Dials


Above: - Speedofixer custom dial in black/yellow  suits models from 2002.

Replaces the standard green dial

Fitted with white LED + yellow LCD light diffuser see video here

Above: - Original dial in dark green.


red range rover custom dials

2010 style - red dials to replace the green ones for cars 2002-2005

2010 style: Supercharged- petrol  and autobiography-diesel  dials

These will fit 2002 -2009

Range Rover Instrument Cluster Dial Upgrades L322 2002 onwards

Speedofixer has a variety of speedo dials available dependent on the year of your car

After the grill and bumper lights conversion you may need this to finish off the look

Click on one of the images to see which dials are available for your car

Click on an image to see more info

Green Dials as standard              upgrade to 2010-13 look

various upgrade options


             2010 Dials Piano Black

Photo Below Black and Yellow Custom speedo dial LR322 dials


This version of the dial is available for cars that are from 2002 to 2005 and it rplaces the green .OEM dial kit.

 Above: 2010 dials actual product diesel autobio version

Speedofixer also offers pixel repairs for broken odometer  and info display panels .

     Above: 2010 dials actual product petrol supercharged version

Custom LED lighting in white for this model -see photo below: -

White LED light conversion using standard dials 2002-5 model car

Below Red dial 2010 style


Available in red for petrol or diesel cars 

Mail order -  worldwide shipping

KMH to MPH dial conversion for Range Rover Vogue Super charger and HSE

Custom LEDs -instrument cluster  white lighting upgrade from green to xenon white - as in photo above

LR322 2010 style Black Speedo Dials


Versions of the black dials are below. Some are marked with text others not.