Speedo Instrument Cluster repair tools


Dependent on the type of work you wish to cary out there will be different tools that you will need 

Specialist tools will be reuired when working on specific speedometers like the BMW 5 series E39 and X5 E53 E38 7 series  & Range Rover LR322, these tools help you to safely remove the speedo needles.


Typically you will be carrying out a

Pixel repair / LCD replacement / LED changing / Eeeprom programming /Motor gauge replacement

Needle changing /Fixing PCB circuit electric faults / Dial upgrades changes mods e.g. KMH to MPH conversions



BMW pixel repair Economy  gauge needle puller removal tools E39 E38 E53

On M5 E39 and X5 sport V8 this removes the Oil temp gauge


Used when performing a pixel repair to LCD display on BMW E38 E39 E53 speedo

clusters and dial removal for import conversion and gauge motor replacement. It will

removal the economy gauge needle ONLY.


The other needles(fuel, temp, rev counter, speed) will need a different tool which we

do not sell but can advise you on.


Below: M5 speedo with   tool sitting on oil temp gauge/ same position as eco needle on other


More info can be found on the eco gauge tool here 

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bmw needle removal tool 5 series e39 x5


















economy needle removal tool for pixel repair bmw e39 e38 lcd repair