Range-Rover- Dial fitting LR322

Warning : Professional fitting and removal recommended. If you do not have experience or suitable tools - do not try this yourself, contact an expert. ****This is a guide only and you do this at your own risk.**** 


*****Do NOT try to lift off the needles by hand without using special tools - Motors are sensitive and can easily break.****


Range Rover LR322 Dial Fitting


Suggested Tools:

Taking the Cluster out  

Mini stub ratchet with torx T20 piece & T27 piece

Trim lifter set  - centre speaker vent and side panels - visible when doors open 

Small flat screw driver x2 to remove air vents 

Medium flat screw driver to pop air vents out and forward from behind them 

Small scissor  


Cluster opening and Dial fitting :

Masking tape , plastic eg cut up credit card   

Needle nose pliers ,

small flat screw driver

T10 torx piece driver ,

medium flat screw driver/or small flat 4mm min -  to open cluster casing and needle nose pliers  


LED change needles solder iron , solder and flux , tweezers



Optional Products for Range Rover LR322 upgrades

Dial + LED + Color Strip behind LCD


For early cars 2002 to 2005  with BMW speedo it is possible to only release and lift the drivers side of the top dash on UK right hand drive cars  i.e. you do not need remove the cup holder  and vents on the passenger side as this takes considerable longer to do. There is enough flex in the top dash cover and if your hands are small enough to only lift the drivers side enough to get a a mini ratchet in there.


Always take photos of the needle positons before opening - e.g. how much fuel you have


Range Rover LR322 2002-2005 almost identical to the BMW E39/ X5 link above ( no eco gauge on Range Rover ), based on BMW electronics for early models


For removing the cluster see youtube videos on LR322 speedo

removal where this has been covered eg video 1 here


Once the Cluster is out : -

Opening the cluster here video 2 here


See the additional page info link here for the similar BMW speedo

page shows how to disassemble and remove dial on the BMW speedo also shows info on dial removal and LED fitting/changing.


You may also want to spray the needle hubs silver to get the supercharged look 


LED info here


Cars from 2005 to 2009

For LR322 Vogue full size speedo 2006 -2009 has the black /yellow dial as standard (not green)speedo units info here , this version is slighly different to earlier 2002 to 2004 . Needles easier to remove , no special tools needed. But dash build is slighlty different. Different number of LEDs needed and color strip cannot be changed under LCD.


Photo below: Change over year car late 2005 has the green dial but has the newer speedo electronics , you can see the LCD is different , photo also shows the silver hubs on he needles. This version has around 15 LEDs behind the LCD strip , the earlier model has 5 light bulbs Osram 286.



Backlighting strip under the glass cars 2002-2005  : -


You will be replacing the green strip with the supplied colour strip, sometimes you may need to trim it down to size using the original green piece as a template. A small scissor is ideal for this.

lcd backlight change