Peugout 406 coupe saloon  custom dials 1999/2000/2001/2002/2003/2004

Suits D9  406  VDO cluster 1999 onward

INDIGLO EL plasma Speedo Dials

 see gallery using light bulbs  here      or  here with plasma

best effect achieved  using the plasma back glow sheets wired in with the inverter


This custom  dial kit has been designed for Manual Petrol cars , it will physically fit on Manual Diesel cars BUT the rev counter  shows 7k not 6k. Some customers have fitted it on 2.2hdi manual cars and it works fine however the rev counter is slightly out , if that does no bother you then it's ok to fit.


We have two versions  speed versions

  1. MPH dual speed UK spec 
  2. Euro KMH versions
  3. Color selection : RED rev counter glow discs.
  4. Color selection: Yellow  rev counter glow discs.


Automatic cars: - whilst this dial would physically fit in the speedo for an automatic car,

it would mean however, that you could not see what gear you are in,hence we have NOT  listed it as compatible,although some people have fitted it.


The illumination of the rev counter in yellow or red will need the following  mods to the instrument housing to achieve a good rev counter glow.


This will require basic DIY skills or can be performed by bringing the

car to us at our workshop or by sending us the speedo by mail order for a fee.


This modification (removal of plastic gear selector  housing ) only needs to be performed if you decide to use light bulbs  If you opt for plasma backlighting with inverter then this is not a problem as the plasma disc sits over the automatic gear selection housing that makes a shadow - see pics.


To remove the shadow shown  below , it will be necessary to modify the housing by essentially removing the plastic, this is necessary if you do not buy the plasma lighting inverter kit, that can sit over this plastic obstruction that normally prevents the rear lit bulbs from venly lightin up the dials.


This housing is used for the automatic gearbox cars and would normally display

P R N D here for the gears.


We show you  how we removed this plastic housing to get rid of the shadow, even manual gearbox cars have the plastic housing in the speedo for the automatic display but it is non functional but still there.


See below for further images of 406 indiglo plasma gauges s and dial kits, first photo when used with bulbs not plasma . The plasma glow disc covers the PRND plastic shape and gives a brighter dial without modifying the speedo .


Below: 1999 VDO cluster , bulb lit , photo shows the PRND casing creating a shadow, this must be removed, to illiminate the shadow.



Below : cluster opened with glass cover taken off


Look at the rev counter area you can see the tubes are that are used for 

automatic cars and show  P R , N , D , if you fit the plasma part you dont need to worry about this.


above: This is the part we need to remove, to prevent shadows





Unclip carefully with small screw driver and lift glass out


Below:  406 coupe instrument cluster VDO 2000 year 




Dremel or similar rotary hobby cutting tool is ideal




Slowly cut away at the plastic until alll removed , further dismantling can be done

if you wish to seperate the white hosuing from the casing.





Below housing with automatic gear selectors removed 





red needles added , paint needles





















Above: dial illuminated using bulbs




Below yellow disc illuminated using plasma inverter

406 coupe yellow dial









Below: how 406 pug the plasma illumination sheet sit on the casing



Above: Plasma disc fitted to cluster, the dial will sit on top of this