Below you will find a list other businesses in the motor trade performing garage services and other useful car related.

speedo repair services Glasgow
diagnostic and chip tuning equipment in Bradford. Component repair
Car air conditioning in Birmingham car air con Regas and repairs,cool air for cars, retrofits, classic and specialist vehicles.
car engine steam cleaning London M25 Staines, specialist in classic car engine cleaning
MOT centre Stanmore
kmh to mph conversions
Various valuation services. Law Firms: We undertake valuations for probate purposes in taxable estates and also specialise in contentious matters to establish a fair open market value Private Collectors: Valuation, acquisition, appraisal Pre-Sale/Purchase Appraisal, personal purchase assistance Insurance Valuations For owners and insurance companies.
Classic Car oil London caters for veteran, vintage classic cars and motorcycles.With a vast database to source the correct lubricants for your classic CLASSIC CAR OIL LONDON provides total care and protection delivered to your door.
Mercedes parts . supply of good quality, second hand parts, for Mercedes models, at much more affordable prices than the main dealer. Mercedes enthusiasts and are happy to assist with any Mercedes-related questions.Rob Parker ​ 07737 360 966 ​