Car speedo meter KMH to MPH conversions and speedo repair

Speedofixer is based in North London ,UK  offering speedo KMH  to MPH conversions, cluster repair & speedo customisation services. We offer same day services for some types of speedo works. such as import conversions and pixel repairs for BMW, Range Rover and Mercedes. Mobile services may be possible for certain types of works..


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We offer parts shipping  throughtout the UK and also internationally.


KMH to MPH conversions  for imported cars for DVLA VCA IVA DVSA registration- click


If you have moved to UK and have wish to register your car with the DVLA you will need to have some changes performed to register your car in the UK. We offer a kph to mph speedo conversion service to assist you in the registration of your vehicle by converting the speedometer to display both MPH and KMH. We can also supply KPH dials for cars being exported. We fit dials for imported cars to the UK  to show both MPH and KMH, which is  suitable for DVLA first registration purposes. We can also custom make speedometer dials . We are stockist of OEM genuine BMW instrument dial faces suitable for MPH and KMH conversions, if you are just looking for the parts. We can also arrange car storage after your car arrives in the UK if it has arrived at a cargo port. We work together with garages & MOT station to help you have the necessary conversions performed, these can include headlight conversions, fog light and reverse light fitting as well as an MOT test.


Speedofixer keeps a large range of BMW OEM dials MPH KPH click here  in stock for KMH to MPH conversion.

kph to mph speedo conversions


kph to mph speedo conversions


Speedometer customisation Dials & Back lighting

Custom speedo dial faces Speedofixer stocks custom dials for BMW, Mercedes and Range Rover.


One off dials can also be made subject to your specifications-  this is ideal for project cars where a one- off  piece is required. Range Rover 2010-  dials for LR322 Vogue Supercharger HSE, black design to match piano black upgrades. BMW E39 E53 5 series X5 custom dials facelift options.Range  Dials 2010 LR322   Peugeout 406 Coupe Dials    BMW X5 Dials E39  White LED conversions to suit most models BMW E39 E46 particulary look great with a custom dial and rings fitted.


custom car speedo  dials

bmw e39 white led conversion bmw pixel repair service x5 and 5 series


Dashboard pixel repair specialists 

Our Pixel Repair service is a samdeay whilst you wait repair  that is currently available for BMW X5, 5 series E39 , 7 series E38, Mercedes CLK W208  ,E class W210  and C class W202, Range Rover Vogue HSE L322 speedo. This is  the famous dead pixel issue where the LCD or connectors become damaged and make it hard to the read the display. Speedofixer is unique in this area by offering customers a same day service,  on a whilst you wait basis, for the majority of pixel repairs. Please enquire for more information, this service is by appointment only.

For more information about the pixel repair service Click


speedo pixel repair london


clk pixel repairs


As recommended on BMW & Mercedes owners clubs.  Public , trade  and main dealer orders

welcome. Mercedes Pixels   BMW Pixel repairs 


Send your cluster direct to us for a fast service in the UK. Or come to us for a Whilst you wait  repairs service available for Mercedes,BMW & Range Rover  pixel screen issues . We work for a large proportion of garages and forecourts in the South East of England. Speedofixer can help you save money in most cases by not having to buy a new instrument cluster from the dealers. 


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