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Speedofixer Car Speedo import & export conversions

KMH to MPH Speedo dial conversions London North London , West London


Our simple process:


1. Send photos first to : Email : - see the guide on how to take the photos click here , include your name , telephone, make model ,year of the car. Let us know if you also need the lights checked and MOT.


2. We will contact you with some prices and availability.


Locations: ENFIELD  and  West London at Stanmore

  • Saturday appointments available -  confirm booking
  • Whilst u wait service for speed conversions (not light change)
  • Professional friendly service
  • Waiting facilities available


(Frequently asked questions click here )


When bringing a car to the UK you will usually need to have:


1. Dual speed speedo showing MPH and KMH

2. UK focussed head lights , converted, adjusted or  changed

3. Reverse light in correction position , fitting and rewiring

4. Rear Fog light/s in correct position, fitting & rewiring

5  MOT click here to book , can be carried out


For BMW kmh to mph and mini click here 


Click on a link below to see some of our works :


Audi, Alfa BMW   Land Rover   Mercedes ,   Ford,   Fiat  Peugeout ,


Renault ,  Skoda ,  Seat ,  Ferrari,  Porsche ,   Lamborghini ,


Hyundai  , Kia  , Mini , Nissan Toyota , Citroen Volvo 


Range Rover  Mazda  Jaguar ,Honda  Holden / Chevrolet ,  


Chrysler ,  GM VW


We can safely open the speedo cluster and change the

dial to MPH dual speed  for you suitable for VCA DVLA registration

- see some photos of sports exotic cars we have changed here . It is not part of the VCA requirement to have the KMH odo display changed from KMs to Miles, however, some cars have a menu option on the central computer display that allows these options to be changed from kilometres to miles e.g BMW, Mercedes and Audi - this does depend on the year and model of the car. The important part is that youy can see both speeds in MPH and KMH and that this is illuminated at night and with the correct frequency markings  as the original.


We can also have dials made specially for you if it is not available. This can take 2 weeks to make and does increase the price of the job significantly.


We carry out some of our works at the MOT station garage (not owned by us ), this enables you to have the speedo, lights testing and MOT performed at the same time. You can also have your car delivered here from the port to have all the works carried out.


Whilst you wait service - at MOT garage -  West London Stanmore near

Wembley, head lights testing lights & fitting, speedofixer working at the

MOT station (not part of speedofixer) West London 

Photographed below, waiting facilities available.

speedofixer import conversion west london mot centre
















If you have a BMW  or Mini  (click here )

kmh to mph bmw speedo conversion 3 series 2014 

Speedofixer offers KMH to MPH  dial conversions for most types of cars. We have dual speed MPH & KMH dials in stock. We work with a large variety of makes and models from BMWs to VW,



Please note: Speedofixer  only performs the speedo modification part of the works. We work with the MOT garages to arrange the headlights conversion and testing, these garages are run

independly from speedofixer and will provide their own quotation for works. Seperate invoices will be made for the speedo and other works you may require.The service providers guarantee their own work. i.e. speedofixer will guarantee speedo modification works it performs.


You can choose a location dependent on the 

services required: - 


  • North London Enfield 
  • West London - Stanmore near Wembley


Frequently asked questions FAQs


DVLA web link and importing info click here 


VOSA test locations in South East can be found by

clicking  here



london kmh kph speedo conversions



see some of our work here and below some

photos of cars we have worked on: - 

Ferrari 430 Italian import speedo conversion

ferrari import conversion kmh mph london



Below F430 instrument removed and converted to MPH 

mph speedo conversion ferrari 430


Lamborghni Murcielago LP640 Roadster Dial

Conversion by Speedofixer


We worked on this car when this model  was first

released and needed to be registered in the UK.

kmh to mph Lamborghini conversion


Below : Taking the speedo cluster out of the car 


lamborghini murcielago lp640



speedo kmh mph dial conversion


Below: Porsche GT3 , brand new import around 2010

porsche speedo mph conversion 996





car registration porsche gt3


Porsche GT3 KPH to MPH conversion speedofixer