406 Custom dial using Plasma back lighting

Why do we use plasma glow sheets ?

  • So the rev counter can glow yellow or red 
  • We can get bighter colours on the dial


Plasma glow sheets enables us to distribute even light behind the dial and also allows

our needle to glow white whilst the dial glows blue. The housing of the speedo casing

has been designed to display the automatic gear selectors which stops the rev counter

dial from lighting up evenly.


Hence we place a plasma disc over this to allow the rev counter to light up.

It also means that you do not need to desolder and change any of the LEDs on the cluster

from orange to white.


The OEM  LEDS for backlighting is usually orange as standard and the needles are usually

white as standard. This means that the numbers will glow orange if you leave the standard

LEDS in place and you do not fit plasma backlighting discs.


Some speedo casing modifications is needed to allow the power cables to run thro to the

outside of the speedo.Some basic soldering skills are also needed to connect to an internal

12v power source within the speedo - when connecting plasma power kit.


The photos below were taken from a 2.2HDI 2002 coupe diesel

We fitted plasma back lighting discs with 12v power supply


406 speedo plasma glow dial v6 coupe



Photo below: modification made to the cluster for wiring 2002 cluster