white led e46 custom lighting bmw

OEM M3 e46 with

white led upgrade

red custom dial












grey dial e39 m sport kit



 needle removal tool



















Above M5 dial needle tool


E39 E53 custom grey dial


bmw e46 custom dial kit




e46 custom speedo dial kit

e39 m5 oem dial and cluster

e39 M5 OEM dial face





Custom BMW Speedo Dials & LEDs

Please choose your model by clicking a photo:

If its not shown please contact us as we can get most dials

for most BMWs from 1999

e46 custom dials                e39 custom speedo dial kit

E46 3 series 98-06                        E39 5 series 96-03



x5 e53 custom speedo dial kit                 e38 custom dial kits

X5 E53 2001 -2006                              E38 7 96-02


x5 e70                 E60 5 SERIES

BMW  X5 E70

2007 to 2013                                e60 5 SERIES 2006-


new 3 series e90 92 e60             6 SERIES

 E90 92 E60  06-                                 6 series




F20 (2011-2015)     


MPH and KMH or just KMH available - enquire

Also have M3 and M5 replacement dials.





speedofixer workshop

Speedofixer workshop ~North London



Custom dials can be made to order also