BMW E39 custom sport dial kit

E39 5 series from 1996 to 2003

speedo dial kits for petrol and diesel models MPH and KMH


White LED conversions here

 x5 from 2001 dial kit sport look

X5 speedo dial kits 3.0 4.4 V8 

petrol and diesel models


X5 white LED conversion here

 7series sport dial kit

7 series E38 from 1995 sport dial kit conversions


Photos here

  • Custom sport dial kits suitable for E38 E39 E53
  • OEM quality finish dials only available from Speedofixer
  • Can be used to convert a car from KMH to MPH if imported 
  • Dial are available in choice of 3 colors Black Red or Grey 
  • UK dual speed version or Euro larger KMH with small mph
  • High quality plastic and inks with durable scratch resistant finish
  • Precision laser cutting for perfect fit in speedo casing 

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Bring your car in for fitting in North London - Enfield or mail order service 

Other available options include Pixel Repair service


BMW instrument cluster dial kit upgrade options include- 

  • 5 series E39 1996 -2003  instrument dial upgrades
  • 7 series E38 1996 to 2002 instrument dial upgrades
  • X5 E53  2001- 2006 instrument dial upgrades
  • Petrol and diesel models dial fascias in red , grey , black
  • UK MPH and Euro KMH versions
  • Silver Rings available for all models silver or chrome (silver for M5 look)
  • Red / orange  needle conversion packs 
  • LED conversions in white see photo below

Photographed below: Carbon insert













Speedofixer BMW E38 E39 E53 Custom Dials

BMW 5 series E38 7 series E38 X5 E53

High quality after market dial kits - also suitable for KMH to MPH

We also stock KMH version with small MPH