bmw e46 custom dials

E46 3 series, M3 with white LED , conversion of backlighting using white LEDs  by Speedofixer using

OEM dial

 e46 sport dial white led conversion

Speedofixer E46 3 series petrol dial kit. Petrol and diesel versions

White LED conversions using standard dials

  mw with white leds

Original M3 speedo cluster with

white led conversion

See M3 LED conversions in white more

Custom sport dial kits suitable for BMW 3 series E46

See our youtube video on how to open the speedo unit - click here  to see opening the e46 cluster

E46 instrument cluster dial options include- 

  1. Grey dials petrol or diesel UK spec MPH small KMH
  2. Black Dials Petrol version MPH UK spec small KMH
  3. Custom orange replacment needles
  4. Silver rings 
  5. Carbon insert with silver rings
  6. White LED back light conversions
  7. Replacement trip, time clock reset buttons
  8. Replacement Clear plastic frotn housings
  9. Replacement White plastic housing internal parts - tabs used to set the clock 
  10. Replacement OEM dials for kmh to mph sual speed

We have most E46 speedo kombi instrument lcuster replacement parts available  - please contact us to enquire. 


International shipping available 

Click on an image for further info : - 














Version 1 Design Black

Black Dials - Petrol Engines M style

Petrol Versions MPH spec

Large MPH small KPH

Stock :

Petrol version 7k rev - available limited qty

Diesel version - discontinued


See Grey dial for diesel version 1



Version 1








Version 1 Design Grey dial kit - Diesel only stock


BMW E46 grey custom dial kit

Spec: MPH with small KPH see gallery pics below: -

Stock : Diesel version in stock only , til stocks exhausted.

See version 2 for petrol models


Note: Full conversion is Dial , LED change to white, needle color change, rings or carbon insert - ask for more info









Version 2 dial kit Petrol engines

Grey Petrol engines Limted stock


version 2

Spec: MPH/KMH top speed extended to 160 mph

more info and pics

Stock: Petrol version only

Note: Full conversion is Dial , LED change to white, needle color change, rings or carbon insert - ask for more info



fitted to BMW e46 with LED white upgrade

glows same color as the back lighting

Out of stock / discontinued 


e46 white dials

Gallery 1 petrol

Gallery 2 petrol

Custom white mph or km white  -petrol or diesel  BMW 3 series  E46 white gallery pics

Stock: out of stock - enquire special order only

Custom Blue/Purple E46 dial  

KMH or MPH   Purple Alpina style  gallery

Stock: Out of stock - enquire special order can be made

Silver rings with OEM dials , we also have some smoked grey

e46 custom orange needles m3 speedo instrument replacement parts

Orange needles for that M3 look

e46 oem  instrument replacement dials

OEM sport dial with italic, genuine original used parts that came on the coupe and cabriolets petrol or diesel engines

e46 bmw replacement trip clock reset buttons time set

Replacement trip buttons for clock and trip meter available individually

Silver rings , clear front housing m white plastic housing with clock reset tabs, reet buttons for clock replacement dials. Icon strips, motors gauges.

M35080 V3 available ST chip, early verion suitable for use with Tacho Universal , digi consult. 


















Please note that the purple and white dials do not include the indicator, battery traction tabs

so you will need to use the ones from your original dial as described in the fitting instructions.'

Available subject to stock levels, made to order.

  • Rings available for all models silver or chrome(silver for M3 look)
  • Needle conversion packs
  • LED conversions in white

Fitting instructions : - Here    


e46 oem dial with rings and orange needles upgrade


















e46 custom dial pack



















white speedo dial e46 bmw 3 series


white led instrument cluster conversion





3 series speedo upgarde instrument cluster replacement kmh to mph conversion tools,uk