White LED conversion BMW E39 E38 E53 E46

Tools  & equipment: Solder iron , flux , solder, tweezer , magnifying



These notes refer to any LED  color change white or blue - although

we prefer white LEDS for brightness and a crispy clear effect.


We have carefully selected top quality LEDs that are the correct brightness

for this particular instrument cluster this means that they have been tested

so that they are not too bright for the dial


This link shows the process on a BMW E46 speedo but its the same principal


You are looking for the LEDs that light up when u turn on the lights on

(backlights) effectively these are the ones that are grouped around all

motor shafts if you are unsure put the green pcb back in the car connect all

cables and then switch on lights to help you identify which ones these are.


Take note of the corner markings on the LEDs as their rotation position is

significant as they will only work one way round. The chipped corner is the

negative. Some go up and some down. You can make a drawing if you

cannot remember.


The orange LEDs will need to be desoldered and removed and the new ones

-white soldered in. 


LED mod page


Photographed below BMW 5 series M5 and non M5 speedo units with white

LED conversion

bmw e39 m5 speedo white LED conversion


















bmw custom black dial kit with white LED speedo instrument conversion
















BMW e39 white speedo conversion LED