2010 LR322 Custom Speedo Dials Range Rover facelift conversion 

Supercharger and Autobiography



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Product Relesase Dates : See below 

Release DateModel Type - Year of manufacture 
cars 2005 - 2009 vehicles manufactured after 2005 with touch screen navi, usually has black dials as standard . MPH UK spec with smaller KMH
cars 2002 to 2005 2002 to 2006 - has green dials as standard see more pics here


This is one of our premium products and also probably the best loooking range Rover dial available.

Print standards meet OEM quality- same materials, ink and machines to produce.


This means that you will receive a durable, scratch resistant ,accurate print that has been perfectly cut to fit inside your speedo.


We try each dial in a test car first and choose the best LED type to compliment the dial design.Both LEd lighting and the dial are tested together and supplied as a package if you are purchasing mail order so you dont need to worry about suppliers selling you the wrong LEDs.


We are based in North London. We can however recommend other fitters around the country to perform the installation for you. We can supply all the parts via mail order.


Early cars 2002 -2005 with OEM green

(late 2005 change over year has green dial with new style cluster)

Dial options:


MPH /small kmh Black dial - petrol engine supercharged

MPH /small kmh Black Dial - diesel engine autobiograpghy

MPH /small kmh Black dial plane Petrol

MPH /small kmh Black dial plane Diesel

MPH /small kmh Red petrol

MPH /small kmh Red diesel


Cars 2006 to 2009 (Black and yellow dial as standard)

Black dial auto biograpghy Diesel MPH /small kmh

Black Dial Supercharger diesel MPH /small kmh



Technical support and installation advice is available with our products.

KMH Euro spec: this version is not currently available please contact us if you require a KMH version


Please note:  Two sets of dials have been produced as the 2003 cars speed calibration is different to the 2006 cars i.e. they are not compatible. Please ask for clarification before buying. If we are fitting these parts we will ensure that the correct version is fitted to your car.


Below: actual product fitted with white LEDs

speedofixer range rover 2013 custom dial

This is the actual product fitted







    supercharger dials

Self fitting possible

International mail order 

Range Rover compatible speedo dial kits