Speedofixer Pixel repair terms and conditions.

Warranty regarding BMW /Range Rover Pixel Repairs as at 18Dec2012
Updated 19/5/16 warranty period incresed to 36 months
Speedofixer are now offering a 36 month guarantee on the repair, however this may vary and you will be informed of this at the time of the repair. This period is rarely changed but usualy occurs when previous repairs  to units lead some parts to become unserviceable. To keep costs down we assume the repair needed is the routine type that occurs and not through attempted repair or damage caused by persons opening the unit to see "what it looks like inside".
In some circumstances  a unit may need additional parts that fall outside the routine repair specification, these are items that have worn significantly due to age or from tampering/bodge previous repair. These  may necessitate replacement parts from another dashboard at an additional cost or a replacement dashboard without which the unit will be beyond economic repair and deemed unserviceable.
You will always be informed of this whilst work is being carried out and given the choice
1.  have this work carried out with additional chargeable parts
2.  have the repair carried out at a reduced guarantee period if this is an option
3.  cancel the repair 
If you do not wish to proceed Speedofixer charge a £50 fee for inspecting the unit which includes return carriage if via mail order or call out.
In the majority of instances we can achieve a massive increase in pixel recovery-usually 100% however, we have noticed due to several factors e.g. physical damage, water damage or people trying to fix the units on their own that parts can become damaged and not usable/repairable.Speedofixer aim to provide you with a near perfect or better display ,because of this in some instances we will advise you of additional costs to bring your unit to this level or advise you by sending you a picture via email of what is achievable with your existing unit.
Our stated price assumes that you have no major component damage that necessitate replacement parts from another instrument cluster. Major components include plastic screen housing, PCB tracks, LCD casing, rubber mounts. Repairs to motor gauges are not included unless you specifically request this and will always be chargeable.
We are able to replace most components e.g. screens, motors, housings  but this will be charged as an extra. We will replace  ribbon connectors as standard for the pixel repair.
Lights bulbs- we do not replace light bulbs unless requested, please note that these can stop working once the dash is removed or replaced, due to movement /vibration however, if you supply replacement bulbs we will fit them for you at the time of carrying out the repair or we will supply and fit replacement bulbs at MLP (manufacturers list price). Rear lighting of the cluster is not part of the repair and as a result if the bulbs stop working this has nothing to do with our repair on the pixel displays. Bulbs in the cluster, just  like household bulbs need replacing on a regular basis dependent on usage. We may change some bulbs at our discretion free of charge.
Please remember bulbs do not last forever and the slightest vibration  can stop them working.
Warranty issues
Mail order repairs must be sent back to us for warranty issues during the warranty period at your expense. We will pay for the carriage back to you. If you have brought the car to our location at the time of repair you must return the vehicle to us for warranty issues.
If you have paid for a callout initially then we will deal with warranty issues during the warranty period at the same address. If you have moved home/work to a location that is different to the invoice address then  additional charges may apply at our discretion to cover additional fuel and travel time. If on attendance the problem is not related to our work then you agree to pay us a callout fee (min of £50 dependent on distance) which we will agree with you before attending. Units will be sealed with a Speedofixer warranty tamper proof sticker which will void the guarantee if removed/or damaged.  For mail order returns that are not related to our work we charge a fixed rate of £30 which includes the return carriage to main land UK using Special delivery.
Carriage losses and damages
Courier/postal  damage. Please ensure that you adequately package and insure your unit whilst in transit to us. We always send the units insured. You will need to keep the original packaging/box if your item is damaged in transit as this is requested from us via the courier.
Transit damage is the responsibility of the carrier and must be reported immediately to the carrier's representative. We will process your claim for damaged goods, but claims will only be accepted if you have reported the damage to the carrier. In the case of couriers or shipment methods that require a signature on delivery, it is important to note on the signature sheet that the goods have been delivered with damaged packing or wrapping. Where possible please photograph the damage before opening the package.
We have a very good record of recovery of costs from carriers where these simple instructions have been followed.
Please keep a copy of your invoice as your guarantee. We will need this to assist us to pull up your invoice on our system.
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