OEM 2007 dials

OEM dial as fitted to 2007 car

vogue oem dials
oem dial as fitted standard










Custom Range Rover Dials

The dial converswions are available for car models from 2002 to 2009.


Facelift your Range with our 2010-2013 style replacement custom speedo dial kit. 

This is what you already have here  info & images 

Available for:

UK models MPH small KMH , Petrol & Diesel

Supercharger and Autobiography versions

Below: Our new 2010 dial fitted  -actual product

The new 2010-13 dial comes in Supercharged and Autobiography

Photo below : 2010 car with LFT LCD screen 

2012 special edition


before and after instrument dial kit upgrade


kmh version speedofixer range rover dial cluster



































































Custodial face fitted to the car with white LED conversin on LCD and backlighting.

fitted kmh super charger dial kit